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I held off updating this for a looong time, so - this is the current version of the Flash game I have been working on. And - it actually has a name now. ;P
If you have been playing, you know about the updates anyway. If you haven't - well, now you know, as well! :aww:

New content and polish is always added, but since it's an ongoing process, I have to post it at some point, too. The current version should be pretty stable. So far, it has content until around level 30, far more than the handful of maps that I initially posted this on dA on.

To start: Pick any name, and hit "login" - if no one else picked it yet, it's yours. If you pick a password, it'll be used to protect your name.
  • Arrows, WASD keys are used to move and jump. You can also click on a location with your mouse and your character will walk in that direction.
  • Click vendors, quest givers, and objects to interact with them.
  • Click other creatures to select them. You can press any ability hotkey (1, 2, 3, ...) to attack.

Of course, critiques are always appreciated. You can comment on the art style, the graphic effects, the writing and the technical aspects.
If anything's off, let me know. Credits (which are fairly long, by now) are posted at
We also have a website to play the game on (which is shorter, so scrolling in-game does not scroll the page) at
This game is something special. I just love walking around and killing stuff. This game is for anyone young and old, packed with adventure, danger, and well I LOVE pets they are just amazing. So i think this is the game for every one. This IS my favorite flash on DeviantArt. I hope every one had as much fun as I did playing this game. And I'd hope to see a new shamanistic class. So please think about that. And maybe a rouge type thing. Hope You think about my ideas. Goodbye hope you liked this critique and I'll be playing this flash till it dies. :D
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I really like this game so far, but I have one suggestion: I think it would improve the quality of the game play experience if the text could be slowed down a little, or if there was an option for adjusting the speed at which the text pushes old messages out of the box. It is a little hard to read the messages quickly when one's attention is divided between reading the text, watching the rest of the screen, and controlling a character.
Aside from that, the game is great! The art is beautiful, the story is intriguing, the music is wonderful, and I love the creatures you populated your fantasy world with. I really like this game, and I hope my suggestion was of some help.
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September 26, 2010
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